Jersey&Paris - Dag 22 - Home sweet home and heart-breaking good byes.

Ph1; Jessica. Ph2; Lisa S. Ph3; Nelly and David. Ph4; Viola and Jennifer.
Ph1; My ticket! Ph2; My hand, that got "marked" by Adrian... Like everybody else's bodyparts as well. 

Ph; A lousy picture from the airplane, taken with my phone. 

Ph; The host-family group from Arlanda, Stockholm, Jersey 2012 with STS, 1/7-22/7. Miss you guys! ♥

Ohmygash, the last day of an amazing adventure! It was almost heart-breaking to leave the group at Arlanda. Anyway, here's the last day in words! After a few hours of sleep we woke up at the hostel, packed our things, ate a tiny breakfast and headed to the bus. We were on the road again and we had to many hours before we'd reach Arlanda, Stockholm, again. But now that I think about it... We didn't have enough of hours. Not enough hours to say goodbye, to laugh with each other one last time and not enough hours to continue this amazing trip. As I said, heart-breaking. 

Our bus trip was kind of nice, even if half of the people were asleep. To think that we'd never get that moment back and that that summer (2012) would never come back either. That the adventure I loved so much was about the end, that was unbelievable. When we got to the airport in Paris everyone realised it to, that it was about to end. We bought baguettes at this "airport shop" because we were so hungry and that was the closest shop that sold eatable stuff. Easy. When I sat in the airplane, looking out the window, it was truly hard to leave Paris. Although, I think I found a pieace of myself while being in Paris, and Jersey to of course. At least now I know that whatever happens, I can always die happy; because I've been to Paris, breated Paris, walked in Paris, discovered Paris while creating myself and let Paris be a part of that. I fell in love with Paris, and everything that the city stands for, and I don't think that I'll ever never "unfall" for it. ♥

A few hours later we were in Sweden again. Home sweet home! On Arlanda we tried to get our bagage as fast as possible, said good bye to everyone, cried a thousand of tears, had a "hug train", took the beautiful group picture that you can see above and recorded a video with the famous "klappramsa". After that we said good bye a few more times and then we went out to meet our familys! My mom, dad and aunt had come to pick me up and that my aunt was coming to was a big suprise! Well, this was it... I wanna thank everyone that joined me in Paris and at Jersey, the people that read about my trip here on the blog and finally I wanna say thanks to STS that made my summer 2012 unforgettable! ♥

The "klappramsa" - video that we recorded! (↓)

Jersey&Paris - Dag 21 - The last day at Jersey and St. Malo, France.

Ph1-3; Things made out of sand.

Ph; Me and my roommate Jessica. 

Ph1; Something random. Ph2; A Jersey-cow! 

Ph; Maxine! 

Ph; Boats, the ocean and stuff like that?

Ph; Me, with Olle's "hat", and my roommate Jessica waiting on the ferry, still on Jersey. 

Ph; When we arrived at St. Malo (France) with the ferry.

Our last day at Jersey... Such a sad day! Well, okay, it was an amazing day but still... Our last day?! Jessica and I decided to stay home and hang with our host-family the last day instead of going into St. Helier. We also packed the last things so we wouldn't forget something. Our host-family took us to a cute little town to eat a real english breakfast! Ohmygash. I didn't eat it though, it was way to much that I didn't like... So I can't tell you guys how it tasted... But I can tell you that it was a lot of food! After that we had a mini road trip around the island and it was very beautiful! We stopped at a lot of places, took pictures and enjoyed our last day. We even saw a place were there was this guy... And he had built different things of sand... Nothing more than sand. I was quite impressed... Because I can only do "sand-cakes" which is the easiest thing to do. 

In the afternoon our host-family drove us to the ferry where we met up with the rest of the group. Gash, it was actually quite hard to leave our host-family. I mean, come on, they were our host-family and enough said. After an hour or two the ferry took us to St. Malo and I still walked a little wobbly because of the ferry. A bus took us to our hostel after x hour(s) of driving in the dark. Everyone was very tired and some of us over tired, which was really annoying after a while. We had to wait for so long to even get our rooms and then we had to carry our bagage up the stairs... That wasn't easy! My bagage was a couple of kilos heavier than when I left Sweden if we say so. After that it was straight to bed and enjoy the few hours of sleep we would get. ♥

Jersey&Paris - Dag 20 - St. Brelade's bay and packing our stuff.

Ph1; Pretty Jennifer! Ph2&3; A part of Fort Regent, our "school". 

Ph; Me at St. Brelade's bay. 

Ph1; Lisa S and Lisa B. Ph2; The awesome weather. 

Ph1-4; St. Brelade's bay. 

Ph1; My feet... Ph2; The ocean, St. Brelade's bay.

Ph1; The le hocq tower. Ph2; A boat at low tide. Ph3; Le hocq at low tide. 

Ph1&2; Sea shells. Ph3; A road in St. Clement. 

Finally a day with nice weather! Now that I think about it I remember that the "find that and take a picture of it" - game that I wrote about earlier... Well, we did that this day... Oopsie! There's a lot of details to remember so don't blame it on me! Anyway, we spent the afternoon at St. Brelade's bay, which I totally loved! When Jessica and I came home we went down to the beach, because it was low tide. A lot of pictures were taken and everything was so beautiful! The rest of the evening we stayed in, packed our belongings and watched Bring It On. I can't complain about that evening! It was quite nice. But imagine, our last evening at Jersey :/ Ohmygash, I still miss it! ♥

Jersey&Paris - Dag 19 - Good byes and picnic in a park.

Ph1; Viola, Jessica, Therese and Jennifer. Ph2; Linnea, Lisa B, Therese and Anna. Ph3; Lisa S, Lisa B, Linnea and Therese. Ph4; Ebba and Madeleine with their ice creams.

Ph1; Ebba, Josefine, Madeleine and Melina. Ph2; Pella. Ph3; Hanna and Olle. Ph4; Adrian.

Ph1; Anna, Viola and some people in the background. Ph2; Lina, Kristine, Moa, Maria and Josefine. Ph3; Kristine. Ph4; Me.

Ph1; Hanna. Ph2; Adrian and Moa. Ph3; David and Hanna. Ph4; Viola with her camera. 

Ph; Eatable muffins from the one pound shop! ♥

Ph1; Viola and Jennifer. Ph2; Hanna, Lina, Hanna and Adrian. Ph3; Therese, Hanna, Lina, Hanna and Kristine. Ph4; Kristine, Adrian, Jessica and David. 

Ph1; Lisa B and Lisa S. Ph2; Linnea. Ph3; Hanna and Nelly. Ph4; Adrian, Lisa S and Lina. 

Ph1; Lisa B. Ph2; Jessica, Lisa S and Lisa B. Ph3; Hanna, Kristine, Hanna, David and Lina. Ph4; Hanna and Kristine. 

Ph1; Lina. Ph2; Adrian and Lina. Ph3; David, Hanna and Nelly in the background. Ph4; Nelly. 

Omygash, day 19. At that day the groups reorganized and we were back in our travell groups. I didn't mind beacause everyone was really awesome but it took a while to realise that some of the STS-students were leaving in the afternoon that day and that it was only a few days left before we were back in Sweden. 

In the morning we had some kind of "find that and take a picture of it" - game, which was quite lame. Although, the weather was great! At lunch we went down to Lib. Square to say goodbye to the people that were leaving us that day. Everyone were writing in each others notebooks and on each others STS-bags. Promise each other to stay in touch, come to the reunion party and together rock Gothenburg so crazy that it'll be an evening to never forget! So, well, the bar is set pretty high. 

Jessica and I took the bus home after that, ate dinner and got ready for picnic in the park. It was kind of cosy with awesome people. After a while we were headed to the playground, enough said about that. Totally care-free, still abroad and everyone was so high on life. I can only say that it was an amazing day and evening. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 18 - Bowling och leaving party.

Ph1; A biscuit the Jersey-style! Ph2; The British flag. Ph3; The Jersey flag.

Ph1&2; Time for bowling! 

Ph1; Stina and Josefine. Ph2; Linnea. Ph3; Joakim. Ph4; Random picture. 

Ph1; My roommate Julia. Ph2; My second roommate, Elinor. Ph3; Anna and Viola, some nice girls in the background as well. Ph4; My third roommate, Jessica. 

Ph1; Julia and Elinor again. Ph2; Anna. 

Ph1; Jennifer. Ph2; Therese and Anna. Ph3; Olle in a weird pose and Pella. Ph4; Anna again. 

Ph1; Maria and some pretty awesome people in the background. Ph2; Lisa B and Lisa S. Ph3; Olle. Ph4; Tilda and Linnea. Ph5; Hanna and Nelly in the background. Ph6; Hanna and David. 
Video; STS Leaders, Jersey 2012, dancing @ the leaving party.

Ph1; From the left: Host-mum Sandra, Jessica, Elinor, Julia, me and host-dad Nick. Ph2; From the left: Elinor, Jessica, Julia and I. Forever host-family sisters and roommates.

Let's begin with the bowling! Kind of really funny with good people. And guess what, it was only the beginning of an awesome day! In the evening everyone went to Lib. Square where the leaders handed out our diplomas, a pen, a notebook and a tiny cow made of chocolate. Later we went to eat our leaving dinner, but everyone got really disappointed. The food was horrible and not worth the money at all! Therefore, Tilda, Linnea and I ended up eating pizza which was lovely. Even later at the evening everyone went to Fort Regent where the leaving party was being held. The evening offered eatable stuff, good byes, hugs, tears, dancemoves you've never seen before, a lot of laughter and a special dance that the leaders performed. When my roommates and I got home again, after a magical evening, it was time for the photoshoot! There were cameras everywhere and a bunch of smiles smiling at each camera. A wonderful day and evening is all I can say. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 17 - Railway-walk och party night.

Ph1; Evita, Ronja, Saija & Alisa. Ph2; Pontus.

Ph; The railway-walk. 

Ph1; Oscar, Pontus, Linnea & Tilda. Ph2; Me. 

Ph1-4; A lighthouse and rocks... Everything was so beautiful! 
Ph1; Tilda, Pontus and I. Ph2; Behind the mask: Olle, rocking on the dancefloor@party night!

Before we went to walk this "railway" - walk we had phototime. Trying to look good before we headed to the buses. The walk was a huge disappointment. Everyone thought we were gonne go this cliff walk, which we didn't, and well... The railway walk wasn't much to cheer about. Although, we didn't let that ruin our day. The party night was waiting for us in the evening! It was almost as wild as the first party night but this time the place was full because more sts-students had arrived the day before. Anyway, totally unforgettable! ♥

Jersey&Paris - Dag 15 - The Olympics.

Ph1&2; My groupmembers at photo quiz.
 Ph3; An sts-bag in a weird place. 

Ph4; The olympic flag. Ph5&6; Randoms. Ph7; Yummie, and it was free. Ph8; My roommate Julia. Ph9; The beach. 

Yepp, day 15 was really awesome. We had great weather and everyone was really happy! The olympic torch was coming to St. Helier, which was a huge deal, and the whole town turned into party. It felt like it anyway. Otherwise, there's not much more to say. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 14 - War tunnels, St. Brelade's Bay och The West End Men.

Ph1; Costa Coffee - The place to be. It didnt't matter where you were on Jersey, you were always near a Costa Coffee.
Ph2-5; Pictues from the War Tunnels... The last picture shows a quote, and I just love it! It's not only words, it's bigger than that. It's true and honest, something that we have to realize. 

Ph6; Tilda at St. Brelade's Bay. Ph7; Me at St. Brelade's Bay. Ph8; The sky? Ph9; Tilda's shoes. 

Ph9-12; The West End Men. 

It's time to update you guys on what happend while I was on Jersey. Let me tell you about day 14! We started the day with a visit at the War Tunnels, which was really interesting and... Old. As I mentioned before, I'm not really into that "looking at old stuff" - stuff but I liked it! Later, the bus took us to St. Brelade's Bay. An incredible beach, totally loved that one! Although, I didn't know we were gonna go there so there I was... Wearing jeans. When we left I felt like half of the beach were in my converse. Nice. In the evening we went to see The West End Men. They were really talented but it wasn't really my taste of music. The few songs that I did recognize though were incredible. I was kind of amazed. I can easily say that it was one of those good days! 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 12 - Shop til you drop.

Ph1; Burk + mugg med "keep calm" - text. Ph2; Underlägg med "keep calm" - text. Ph3; Parfym från The Body Shop. Ph4; Ett glas med Butter på, köpt på Disneyland i Paris. Ph5; Body butter från The Body Shop. Ph6; Earphones. 

Detta är en liten del av vad jag handlade på resan, hanlade såklart mer! I det ingår även massa ätbara saker men det vore ju pinsamt att ta kort på allt ätbart jag köpte... Ehe. Som rubriken säger, "shop til you drop", så blev jag sjuk på eftermiddagen och fick stanna hemma dagen efter. Tur att jag iallafall hade en lyckad shoppingdag! "Roligt" nog så fick jag sällskap av min rumskompis Jessica när jag var hemma och kryade på mig... Hon hade nämligen skadat sig så hemma fick vi vara. Medan jag var på bättringsvägen så var hon handikappad :') Vår tredje rumskompis Julia blev någon/några dagar senare överkörd av en kajak/kanot och fick snällt bli medlem i "sjuka och skadade" - klubben. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 11 - Banana boat.

Ph1; The beach at Gorey. Ph2; "Banana boat" - Things. Ph3; Biiiirdieee. Ph4; My friends and me on the banana boat. Scared to death, ohyeah. 

Ph5; Linnea, ph6; Tilda, ph7; Pontus, ph8; Me.

Ph9; From the left: Evitah, Ronja, Saija, me and Alisa.

Holy moses! Time for banana boating. If I would've watched myself I would've thought I was kind of insane. That or really dumb. If you look at the first picture, you see we didn't have so good weather. I was about to skip the banana boating until I put myself together. I'd come to go banana boating and I wasn't gonna leave until I had. So, I set my mind and before I knew it we were on that banana boat, scared to death. At least I was. It gave me a big rush but a really huge "wake up" - call when I fell into the water, twice. The water was so cold but stay calm, we survived anyway. 

Afterwards I felt a little bit like a hero - Brave and fearless. But... Wait... I was only fearless for about five minutes. I don't regret doing it but if I had the chance to do it all over again I wouldn't. It just felt wrong to leave Gorey beach without trying it out. YOLO right? Maybe it was an once in a lifetime chance... Or maybe it wasn't? Atleast I gave it a try. 

In the evening we had sports day which ment running, freezing and being hungry. Since I'm not into sports, at all, that wasn't quite as fun as the leaders thought it would be... Luckily for me I had great company as always! 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 10 - Jersey Museum, exhibition och party night.

Ph1, ph2 & ph3; At the museum. It was filled with old stuff and it was really cool to have seen. Although I might not be the biggest fan of museums or old stuff at all... 

Ph4-7; Some pictures from the exhibition, which I thought was really incredible. It was really beautiful to see art in that way. Kind of to be in another world for a little while. Every time you entered another room you always knew you would be amazed. 

Well-o-well... Already day 10! That day I spent at the Jersey museum and then, in the same house, there was this exhibition that we had to check out! Everything was quite amazing, interesting and just cool. Although, I truly loved the exhibition ♥ Kind of magical... That might be the word I'm searching for. In the afternoon we had our lessons and, well, there's not much to say about them. Time for a memorable evening, party night was about to happen! It was so much funnier, better and crazier than I expected it to be. But what the hell was I thinking? Music, awesome people and we were abroad; what could go wrong with that? Nothing. With a voice that sounded like I've had an awesome evening, my roommates and I went home and took a cup of tea.

Jersey&Paris - Dag 9 - Ceramics painting och leaders hunt.

Ph1; Busstopp. Ph2; Min lilla kopp/mugg jag försökte måla... Fint.

Ph3; Saija. Ph4; Tilda. Båda är tagna på Fort Regent, där vi gick i skola. 

Ph5; Havet, typ. Ph6; Topshop och topman. Ph7; På leaders hunt, fr v. Tilda, Evitah, utklädd ledare, Saija, Alisa, Linnea och Ronja. 

Hm, ja, dag 9 var det ja. På förmiddagen hade vi ceramics painting, vilket var chill! Synd bara att min kopp/mugg ser ut att vara målad av en som går i trean... Efteråt hann vi med lite shopping innan det var dags att gå och äta våra överraskande lunchpåsar och sedan sätta oss i klassrummen i tre timmar. Tur att lektionerna inte var så ansträngande ;) På kvällen var det leaders hunt som gällde, vilket innebar att vi i grupper skulle leta på ledare som gömde sig och/eller var utklädda i St. Helier. Måste erkänna att det gick rätt bra för min grupp... Men inte bra nog dock! Ja, dag 9 var en bra dag. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 8 - Havres des pas och brännboll.

Ph1; Havres des pas, not so sunny. Ph2; Varm choklad som smakade vatten, köpt på Havres des pas. Ph3; Fr V Julia och Jessica. 

Dag 8 fick de som ville åka till Aqua Splash, ett äventyrsbad, men jag valde istället att gå till Havres des pas. Dessvärre var inte solen med oss och därför blev det inget bad och nästintill ingen solning heller. Istället körde vi en massa knepiga lekar, som var helt okej, innan vi gick tillbaka till Liberation Square. Kvällen spenderades på en fotbollsplan med det klassiska spelet brännboll. Efteråt gick vi till närmaste busshållsplats, hoppade på linje 1 och jag tror att kvällen avrundades med en eller flera koppar te med värdfamiljen och mina rumskompisar. Att dricka te när man kommit hem från kvällsaktiviteten, ja, lite av en vana och självklarhet. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 7 - Jersey Zoo.

Sista bilderna; Tilda t v och Linnea t h.

Åh, den dagen var en rutten dag. Mestadels pga vädret som inte ville sluta ösa ner. Mitt första paraply, som jag köpte på "99 pence" - store, klarade sig inte ens igenom morgonblåsten till bussen. Vilken förrädare! Nämnde jag att jag köpte paraplyet dagen före? Åh, så arg jag var då och hyste ett stort hat mot alla paraplyer som någonsin tillverkats. Typ. Så där fick jag gå, med ett trasigt paraply, och titta på djur som inte ville visa sig pga vädret. Sug, sug, sug. Men precis som alla andra dagar så fanns det alltid något bra med varje dag - Lunchen. Varje dag var som en enda stor överraskning, dels pga de olika aktiviteterna och människorna man träffade men även pga lunchen som alltid hade nya engelska små ätbara saker att överraska en med! Trots det halvdana vädret försökte vi hålla humöret uppe, och det funkade, delvis iallafall. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 6 - Havres des pas.

Havres des pas. Detta var en av dagarna Jersey bjöd på lite solsken, vilket var sällsynt! Vi krigade oss igenom lektionerna på förmiddagen och på eftermiddagen bar det iväg till Havres des pas. Var det bra väder var detta ställe verkligen en underbar plats, annars bara väldigt blåsigt osv. På kvällen fick vi frysa ihjäl medan vi körde "Quiz night". Alltid lika kul att aktiviteterna för det mesta hölls utomhus och att varma kläder inte hade packats med. Yey. 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 5 - Väldigt mycket oviktigt.

Ph1; Fr V. Sophia, en polis, Josefine och Tilda. Ph2; En staty-padda. 

På dag hände det verkligen ingenting. Iallafall inget så minnesvärt. Vi hade våra första "lektioner" som ändå inte var så seriösa och på eftermiddagen sprang vi runt i St. Helier och hade "Treasure Hunt". Uppmärksamma gärna att Sophia, Josefine och Tilda har sina kläder ut-och-in på bilden! 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 4 - Jersey is thaa shiit.

Ph1; "Avgångstidstavlan" (?), ph2; Liberation Square, ph3; Maxine, my "host-dog". 

Ph4&5; Random på stranden, ph6; Jessica - Thaa roommate, ph7; Lite av våran busskur. 

Ph8-11; Random i St. Clement - Parish:en/delen av Jersey jag bodde i. 

Ph14; Maxine, ph15; En cool bil. 

Ph16; My roommates and me - Fr. V. Maxine, Elinor, Hanna (Jag), Julia och Jessica.

Efter den dyrare middagen på den finare restaurangen dagen före åkte allihopa tillbaka till hotellet för att vänta på bussen, som var försenad. Bussturen påbörjades runt midnatt, då alla var äckligt glada och pigga, och höll på i ca feta timmar. Jag tror jag skulle ljuga om jag sa att jag sov hälften av tiden. Destinationen var St. Malo, där vi sedan skulle ta färjan. Åh, det riktigt knöt sig i magen av att lämna Paris... Men jag kommer tillbaka. Jag ska tillbaka. Jag vet inte när eller hur, men Paris har inte sett det sista av mig. Väntetid innan färjan: Ja. Tid på färjan: 1-2h. Tempo vid ankomst till Jersey: Fullt ös, medvetslös! Sömnbrist: Vad är sömn?

Väl framme på Jersey möttes Jessica och jag upp av våran "host-uncle" som snällt tog våra bagage och gav oss våran mycket udda lunch. Fast... Han hade glömt den så han fick åka och hämta den igen, jobbigt läge! Utsvultna: JA. Ätbara saker i sikte: Nada. Till slut blev det iallafall lunchdags! Måste även överraska er med att säga att jag åt min första apelsin den dagen... Ohno, she didn't! Ohyes, she did! Eller okej, ett par klyftor men det räknas... Visst? Efter lunchen satte en town walk igång och efter att ha gått gata upp och gata ner genom hela (åtminstone halva) St. Helier var benen slut och kondisen nowhere to be found. 

På eftermiddagen blev Jessica och jag upphämtade av våran "host-aunt", då våran "hostfamily" var bortrest. Väl hemma i huset, radhuset, mötte vi våra andra rumskamrater, Julia och Elinor. Två skånska människor vars var spårlöst försvunna. Jag hade lite svårt att förstå dem, speciellt Elinor, och det hade jag sista veckan också... Oopsi! Pizza for dinner, ohyeah. Nomnomnom. Efter middagen gick alla ner till Le Hocq, tornet vi posar framför på sista bilden... Även fast det inte syns, vilket gjorde kvällen till en perfekt första dag/kväll på Jersey! 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 3 - Upptäcka Paris.

Sista dagen i Paris. Dagen spenderades mestadels med människorna från bilden ovan. Fr V: Jessica, Viola, Linnea, Jennifer och jag. Vi utforskade Paris gator, vilket var riktigt trevligt! Eftersom att vi hade för lite tid skippade vi att åka upp i Eiffeltornet och gick istället och kollade på en såndär bro med massa hänglås, såna där man ser på film vet ni? Hur vackert som helst! När vi väl var där såg vi även flera stycken "Amazing race" - deltagare som skulle försöka få upp ett visst hänglås. Till lunch tog vi (jag och någon mer...) McDo och sedan joinade vi resten av gruppen i en park. Mysigt! Framåt eftermiddagen bar det iväg på en båttur på floden Seine, som går genom Paris och Frankrike för den delen också. Riktigt vackert! Efter båtturen var vi i jakt på mat men utan andra möjligheter slutade vårt letande vid en rätt dyr restaurang... Däremot var maten hur god som helst, dock ekade våra plånböcker rätt rejält. Tur att Jersey har pund som valuta! 

Jersey&Paris - Dag 2 - Disneyland Paris.

Pics från Disneyland Paris. 

Dag två i Paris spenderades på Disneyland, vilket var rätt coolt det också. Jag och Jessica, min rumskompis på Jersey, sprang runt som paparazzi och försökte fotografera alla disneyfigurer. Vi åkte däremot bara en grej och stod i kö väldigt länge. Nästan precis innan vi skulle samlas igen och börja gå mot metron så upptäckte Jessica och jag att vi missat en hel "värld" där inne... Så vi rushade igenom den. Resumé: En kanonbra dag i en helt annan värld! Enough said. ♥

Jersey&Paris - Dag 1 - Paris, kärlek vid första ögonkastet.

Random bild från flygplatsen i Paris. Ph2; Louvren. Ph3; Random i Paris. Ph4; Eiffeltornet x3. Ph5; Jessica (t v) & Linnea (t h).
 Ph6; Random i Paris. Ph7; "Hard Rock Café" - Skylten.

Efter en äckligt tidig morgon och en flygtur från Stockholm till Paris var alla riktigt sega. Däremot var det full rulle hela tiden och direkt från flygplatsen hoppade vi in i en buss, åt ätbart och drack drickbart, åkte runt i Paris och blev guidade av en guide. Även fast hon pratade engelska just då lät det som att hon pratade franska  - Smile and wave boys! När bussturen var slut begav vi oss mot vårt hotell, som låg i utkanten av Paris, och precis när jag fått ut min väska ur bussen trampade jag i hundbajs. Lite fml där va? Nej, just det, allt är positivt i Paris! Glöm aldrig det! Det hjälpte oss faktiskt väldigt mycket. Tillochmed att bli påkörd i Paris hade varit mer än okej - För då hade jag blivit påkörd i ParisFattar ni?

På kvällen tog vi metron, gick en stund och sedan var vi framme vid Hard Rock Café! Awesome, awesome och åter awesome. Där åt vi mat som kunde mätta en hel armé och sedan blev vi så mätta att vi kunde rulla hela vägen hem, typ. På vägen ut köpte jag mig en "Hard Rock Café" - T-shirt, kanske kommer en outfit med den någon dag! Väl på hotellet somnade jag som en stock, drömmandes om Paris, i Paris. En underbar känsla! ♥

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