Jersey&Paris - Dag 20 - St. Brelade's bay and packing our stuff.

Ph1; Pretty Jennifer! Ph2&3; A part of Fort Regent, our "school". 

Ph; Me at St. Brelade's bay. 

Ph1; Lisa S and Lisa B. Ph2; The awesome weather. 

Ph1-4; St. Brelade's bay. 

Ph1; My feet... Ph2; The ocean, St. Brelade's bay.

Ph1; The le hocq tower. Ph2; A boat at low tide. Ph3; Le hocq at low tide. 

Ph1&2; Sea shells. Ph3; A road in St. Clement. 

Finally a day with nice weather! Now that I think about it I remember that the "find that and take a picture of it" - game that I wrote about earlier... Well, we did that this day... Oopsie! There's a lot of details to remember so don't blame it on me! Anyway, we spent the afternoon at St. Brelade's bay, which I totally loved! When Jessica and I came home we went down to the beach, because it was low tide. A lot of pictures were taken and everything was so beautiful! The rest of the evening we stayed in, packed our belongings and watched Bring It On. I can't complain about that evening! It was quite nice. But imagine, our last evening at Jersey :/ Ohmygash, I still miss it! ♥


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