Jersey&Paris - Dag 18 - Bowling och leaving party.

Ph1; A biscuit the Jersey-style! Ph2; The British flag. Ph3; The Jersey flag.

Ph1&2; Time for bowling! 

Ph1; Stina and Josefine. Ph2; Linnea. Ph3; Joakim. Ph4; Random picture. 

Ph1; My roommate Julia. Ph2; My second roommate, Elinor. Ph3; Anna and Viola, some nice girls in the background as well. Ph4; My third roommate, Jessica. 

Ph1; Julia and Elinor again. Ph2; Anna. 

Ph1; Jennifer. Ph2; Therese and Anna. Ph3; Olle in a weird pose and Pella. Ph4; Anna again. 

Ph1; Maria and some pretty awesome people in the background. Ph2; Lisa B and Lisa S. Ph3; Olle. Ph4; Tilda and Linnea. Ph5; Hanna and Nelly in the background. Ph6; Hanna and David. 
Video; STS Leaders, Jersey 2012, dancing @ the leaving party.

Ph1; From the left: Host-mum Sandra, Jessica, Elinor, Julia, me and host-dad Nick. Ph2; From the left: Elinor, Jessica, Julia and I. Forever host-family sisters and roommates.

Let's begin with the bowling! Kind of really funny with good people. And guess what, it was only the beginning of an awesome day! In the evening everyone went to Lib. Square where the leaders handed out our diplomas, a pen, a notebook and a tiny cow made of chocolate. Later we went to eat our leaving dinner, but everyone got really disappointed. The food was horrible and not worth the money at all! Therefore, Tilda, Linnea and I ended up eating pizza which was lovely. Even later at the evening everyone went to Fort Regent where the leaving party was being held. The evening offered eatable stuff, good byes, hugs, tears, dancemoves you've never seen before, a lot of laughter and a special dance that the leaders performed. When my roommates and I got home again, after a magical evening, it was time for the photoshoot! There were cameras everywhere and a bunch of smiles smiling at each camera. A wonderful day and evening is all I can say. 


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