Jersey&Paris - Dag 11 - Banana boat.

Ph1; The beach at Gorey. Ph2; "Banana boat" - Things. Ph3; Biiiirdieee. Ph4; My friends and me on the banana boat. Scared to death, ohyeah. 

Ph5; Linnea, ph6; Tilda, ph7; Pontus, ph8; Me.

Ph9; From the left: Evitah, Ronja, Saija, me and Alisa.

Holy moses! Time for banana boating. If I would've watched myself I would've thought I was kind of insane. That or really dumb. If you look at the first picture, you see we didn't have so good weather. I was about to skip the banana boating until I put myself together. I'd come to go banana boating and I wasn't gonna leave until I had. So, I set my mind and before I knew it we were on that banana boat, scared to death. At least I was. It gave me a big rush but a really huge "wake up" - call when I fell into the water, twice. The water was so cold but stay calm, we survived anyway. 

Afterwards I felt a little bit like a hero - Brave and fearless. But... Wait... I was only fearless for about five minutes. I don't regret doing it but if I had the chance to do it all over again I wouldn't. It just felt wrong to leave Gorey beach without trying it out. YOLO right? Maybe it was an once in a lifetime chance... Or maybe it wasn't? Atleast I gave it a try. 

In the evening we had sports day which ment running, freezing and being hungry. Since I'm not into sports, at all, that wasn't quite as fun as the leaders thought it would be... Luckily for me I had great company as always! 


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